Book Design

Bellefonte Airmail by Kitty Wunderly

When a publication is entering its third edition, it can be a challenge to generate the past excitement over the work. It is not that the material is irrelevant, it is a matter of distinguishing the scholarship for those familiar with the work while also catching the eye of a new audience. Such was part of the challenge with Bellefonte and the Early Air Mail, 1918-1927 when it was revised for the 2018 anniversary of air mail in the US. The author enjoyed success with the previous editions and had expanded the work and supporting content. In his role with the American Philatelic Society, Philatelic Press founder Martin Kent miller, redesigned the interior pages and illustrated a dynamic cover for the new editi0n.

Strong imagery, thoughtful page layout and an effective plan for promotion of new publications can mean the different between storing a lot of books or filling a lot of orders. Contact us before you undertake your next publication – it costs nothing to talk about the project and we can certainly help you make your work a success.

The book is currently available from the American Philatelic Society.